Catering Services

Delicious food cooked with Love and Devotion to feed your soul

We not only serves pure vegetarian meals but everything served is first offered to Lord Krishna – thus the meals are not only tasty but truly transcendental. We serves wholesome and hearty vegetarian meals prepared with love and devotion. This sanctified and truly transcendental food not only nourishes your body but also your soul. Many come to us Taste for the friendly warm ambiance.

“The other aim of us is to promote a healthy and vegetarian diet among the people while practically demonstrating how a vegetarian diet can have variety, taste and health benefits” – His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

This is the nature of team member they do work for satisfaction of lord this make them successful with every task they get. Spread happiness with the taste of Krishna Prasadam for serving you we are always available.

It is said that the food we eat decides the mode of our purer spirit. Therefore, one should be very selective about what he or she eats. Just to help you maintain the goodness in your food along the richness of taste, there is a catering service provided by HKM Bhilai which provides the food you want even without using tamasic ingredients (viz. onion and garlic). Every meal is prepared in the kitchen with great care and attention to hygiene.

Food cooked with love & devotion. Eat healthy, feel good, and be happy. Have us cater for your next event! Now you can enjoy super good vegetarian cuisine catered for your next party or event. You can make your event very special by serving Krishna’s delicious food.

Our team of cooks can prepare just about any type of vegetarian food from savories, to salads, to custom made desserts all prepared with love and devotion.

This catering service provides you with a vast menu of food ranging from starter to main course and snacks to deserts. The most famous and finger-licking dishes include our Chinese dishes with varieties of noodles, Manchurians and rice with diversified indigenous and exotic spices. The other stuff that takes the most attractive is our bakery products ranging from cakes, cookies, muffins, pastries and lot more exotics and fresh products. Birthday cakes of numerous flavours like Strawberry, tutty fruity, Pineapple, Blackforest etcetera are also available on prior orders. The icing is done with fresh creams which are highly tempting among the children. Two-level and Three-level cakes are the most popular speciality of us. Every dishes are prepared with fresh fruits and vegetables and under great supervision for hygiene. Mess facilities are also available for the students living in hostel and PG. Orders for small events like Birthday, private parties, conferences, marriage and anniversary are also available.

Please contact @ 97550 98611 or 0788 – 2284699 for placing orders and more information.

*Some restrictions apply.

**Please place your order at least one week in advance of your event date.