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Everything which is related to Supreme Personality of Godhead Krishna, is matchless. Like his beauty, knowledge, strength, fame, wealth, and renunciation. That’s why he is all attractive. Every aspect of Lord Krishna is attractive. Similarly our Gifts & Paraphernalia shop, It is a place where all your devotional needs are fulfilled. Spend some time browsing the bookshelves and you will be sure to find something of interest.

Who does not like gifts? Everyone does! Gifts are a token of love, care and respect that makes another person happy. One can find cooking books and many other items that will make the life of a loved one more peaceful. The greatest gift that you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love. Though gifts are of various varieties, the best gifts are the ones which add a meaning to a person life. A gift which is genuinely given, aims at making the life of a friend or relative happier, successful and peaceful. HKM, Bhilai is that one place which genuinely cares in bettering lives of many. And We provides all its visitors with a gamut of gifts that have a spiritual centre to them, thus having a blessing from the almighty. So next time, you want to buy a gift for a closed one, HKM, Bhilai is the place to be!

Deity, Frames, Aarti paraphernalia, Deity Dress and Jewellery, Lockets, Meditation Beads, Photos and Posters, Calendars, Dhoti, Kurtas, Counting items, Bead bag, Greeting Cards, Children items, Books, Bags & baggage, Audio and Video CDs, Clothing are some of the few matchless gifts available here. You can also get pure honey and cow products like pure cow ghee. So to take benefit of all these things please visit us.

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