Harinaam Mantap

The power of the mantra lies in attentively hearing it while pronouncing each of the names distinctly.

The Harinam Mantap has 108 steps and on every step you have to chant the Hare Krishna maha-mantra. The mantra is chanted audibly in sync with the recorded mantra chant of Srila Prabhupada, the Founder-Acharya of Worldwide Hare Krishna Movement and a pure devotee of Lord Krishna. The power of the mantra lies in attentively hearing it while pronouncing each of the names distinctly. Hearing the holy name is especially effective when it is heard from the lips of a pure devotee of the Lord. The holy name of Lord Krishna is non-different from the Lord who is all pure. Therefore by repeatedly chanting this mantra, we constantly associate with the Lord. This will cleanse us of all the impurities in our heart.

Great glorious harinaam is prescribed in the shastras by the great saints and sages millions of the time. The holy name the Lord Krishna being non different from the lord himself is the quintessence of the vedas and therefore of all knowledge.

The transcendal benefits of the holy name are as follows:-
1. Freedom from reactions to sin.
2. Freedom from desire due to illusion.
3. Enlightment
4. Liberation
5. God conciousness
6. Ecsatic love for god

FREE FROM REACTIONS TO SIN :- According to law of karma, a human being is responsible for the sinful acts he performs and must suffer for them. The holy name, however, eradicates all reactions to past sins. Simply by chanting the holy name one attract the attention of the supreme lord.

FREE FOR DESIRE TO ILLUSION:- The illusion and its painful effects, which have haunted to tormented the embodied soul. Since time immemorial sinful effects are destroyed by the transcendental effects of the holy name.

ELIGHTENMENT:- The holy name of the lord krishna be non different from the lord himself it is the quintessence of the vedas and therefore all knowledge. Chanting the holy name thus enlightens the soul with complete knowledge. Knowledge of his own existential identity.

LIBERATION:- Spiritual sound has the power to liberate. The vedant sutra speaks of anavritti sabdat “liberation of sound”. In Skhanda Purana it is said “by once chanting the holy name of the lord, which consist of two syllables ha-ri are guarantee his path for liberation”.

GOD CONCIOUSNESS:- As one progresses in the path of bhakti divine love of god, the chanting of the holy name bring one closer and closer contact with the lord. Holy name invokes remembrance of the lord, association with the lord, attraction to the lord.

ECSTATIC LOVE OF GOD:- Absorption in god conciousness culminates In prema bhakti pure love of god Sri Chaitnya Mahaprabhu says “of the nine processess of the devotional service the most important is to chant the holy name of the lord always.

These all benefits one can get easily by just visiting Harinaam Mantap. In which 108 steps are constructed as path from which one has to go through by enchanting Hare Krishna Mahamantra in one step, Thus by moving 108 steps. One round completed with the easy steps of Hare Krishna mantra everyone can enjoy the sweet taste of lord’s love, which can be easily obtained and feel by continuously chanting, continuous remembering the lord, continuously praying to the lord to keep as servant of his lotus feet. It provides a unique way to remember and glorify Lord Krishna by chanting His holy names while proceeding for His darshan and tune his mind to the spiritual atmosphere of the temple.
It is located diognally opposite to the Main Temple Hall in the spacious courtyard within the temple premises. The next time, when you visit our temple make it a point to have a spiritual experience of chanting the Hare Krishna Mahamantra by going through the Harinaam Mantap.