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Tirtha Yatra means sadhu-sanga, hari-katha, vigraha-aradhana, dhama-seva, prasada-sevana, dana-kriya and bhajana.


It means “Spiritual Tour”, which includes sadhu-sanga, hari-katha, vigraha-aradhana, dhama-seva, prasada-seva, dana-kriya and bhajan-kirtan. It reminds you the richness of the bygone era.

For thousands of years people have traveled to India in search of answers to life’s deepest mysteries. Whether you’re coming to experience the colorful culture or are on a spiritual quest, India has a way of reawakening your senses so that you can dive deeper into the meaning of life. We are super excited about this trip and the opportunity to serve and share India with you through our eyes and the eyes of our
teachers – and of course, through the lens of what we love: Bhakti, Yoga, and ADVENTURE!

Ritually we pray daily, count our beads of rosaries, light innumerable diyas and chant holy mantras and hymns to please the Lord and get His blessings. But in our heart of hearts, we yearn for that ultimate divine journey to the heavenly abode which is bound to bring eternal peace and calm to the heart and soul of the piously devout.

The details of each of the tours have been mentioned in our featured itineraries, planned to make your travel and stay pleasant and unforgettable with timeless memories. We strive to bring to you the best of deals and packages which have been designed meticulously to suit your requirements and can further be customized to your needs.

Why you should join with us ?

  • Hygienic Food Facility
  • Bhajan and Satsang Facility in Running Train
  • Arrangement of Bus and Other Vehicle Facility
  • Medical and Mobile Charging Facility
  • Special Care for Senior citizens
  • Well Trained Employees and Full Security Facility (All The Facilities Described are Included in Tour Package)

Here, we take you on your journey, on your search to finding God.
Our motive is not to earn money but to fulfill the desires of pilgrims who wants to reach the places of our Holy God.
In addition to good accommodation, transportation and prasadam, you also get to learn about the significance of holy places and the pastimes of the Lord and His devotees associated to those places.

Welcome to Tirtha Yatra, your one stop destination to pilgrimages across India – The Gods are calling!


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